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Market Street

1600 Market St

San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 746-1812

At Market Street, you can skip the wait. Just choose the time
you'd like to come in, and we'll hold your spot.

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Please do NOT use this system if you are having a life threatening medical emergency. Call 911.

Certification of Membership in Priority Vaccination Group

I understand that vaccine supply is currently limited and, therefore, subject to strict prioritization in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and California Department of Health directives. With that understanding, I hereby certify under penalty of law that you belong to one of the groups listed below::

ANYONE age 18 or above

I have read the Priority Vaccination Group above and attest that I am eligible at this time for the COVID-19 vaccine.


Please do not save a spot if any of the following CDC contraindications apply, as we will not be able to administer a vaccine during your visit:
  • Current illness
  • COVID diagnosis in the last 10 days
  • COVID antibody treatment in the last 90 days
  • Any vaccination in the last 14 days, including the flu shot
  • Severe allergic reaction to a prior COVID-19 vaccine or its components such as polyethylene glycol
minutes before your visit

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