ClockwiseMD Feedback Portal

How should we improve ClockwiseMD? 
We are listening and use this feedback to prioritize our roadmap!

Hi - we are Tristan and Fred – two members of the ClockwiseMD Product Team

We will be managing the ClockwiseMD ideas portal. We know that you took the time to provide us with your feedback, so we want you to know that we are looking at everything that you write and find your feedback invaluable.

Our plan for this portal is to:


Review new submissions every 2 weeks to do things like explore new feedback / merge redundant ideas / engage with our customers in the comment section if we need clarity or further explanation on the problem we are trying to solve / we may even rewrite ideas to ensure that they are positioned in the best possible way to garner more votes.


Every MONTH we will stack rank ideas by votes and make sure that the Top 25 have a meaningful status.


Our statuses are:

Status Description
Needs Review We have not yet read your idea
Reviewed We have read your idea
Future Consideration We have read your idea and it aligns to our priorities
Already Exists We have already delivered a solution to your problem / need
Will not Implement We have read your idea, but it does not align to our priorities
Planned We have read your idea and it is on our current roadmap
In Development We are engineering a solution to your problem
In Testing We have delivered a solution to your problem and we are making sure it works
Shipped We have delivered your idea to market

Ideas that never make it into the Top 25 after 6 months will be archived and the subscribers will receive a note.


Lastly, we promise to devote the equivalent of a full-time engineer to those ideas that originate in the portal to ensure that we are moving forward with your ideas. We wish we could build all your ideas!

As your ideas move through our development cycle - we will constantly update their status, so please be sure to support and subscribe those ideas that you are most interested in and you will receive email updates throughout the cycle from planning to delivery. Thank you for helping us to make ClockwiseMD the market leader in delivering wait time transparency and promoting happy patients!


Fred and Tristan

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