Online check-in designed for emergency departments.

A key focus for today's emergency departments (EDs) is balancing patient loads across peak and non-peak operating hours. To help manage the waiting process and prevent overcrowding, EDs are turning to Clockwise.MD. With online check-in and virtual queuing, EDs can streamline operations and gain access to increasingly important metrics on throughput, patient satisfaction, average wait times, and more.

Online check-in
Queue management
Performance benchmarks
Patient load balancing
Resource Management
Throughput monitoring
Defy emergency room perceptions.
Give your emergency department a competitive advantage. ERs that post information about queue positioning are often perceived as more caring and more innovative than departments that do not provide transparency into the waiting process.
Reduce "left without being seen."
91% of patients indicate that waiting longer than expected is the most frustrating thing about medical facilities. Prevent patients from leaving in frustration by providing transparency into wait times. Text message notifications and an in-lobby TV keep patients up to date on wait times and queue order (in a HIPAA- compliant format).
Manage staff and workflows.
Optimize throughput based on live monitoring from Clockwise.MD. See where bottlenecks are occurring, make informed staffing decisions, and better understand where patients are spending their time. Get detailed benchmarks on patient wait times, wait times by day and hour, online appointments vs. walk-ins, ROI, and more.
Allow ER visitors to check in online.
Allow patients to self-schedule fast track appointments online - and provide information about the cause of their visit. Patients will receive a text message notification when you're ready to see them. Not only does this help to manage patient expectations, it also helps your staff better identify fast-track patients.
Balance patient loads.
Get real-time data to help manage high- and low-acuity workflows. With Clockwise.MD, not only can you balance patient loads between peak and non-peak operating hours, but also between emergency departments and urgent cares. Ensure that low-acuity patients get the most immediate care by re-routing them to an in-network urgent care facility.
Keep patients in network.
Keep your patients in network through proactive staff or call-center scheduling of follow-ups and referrals. Actively monitor patient satisfaction, improve CAHPS hospital survey results, and mitigate negative experiences before any damage is done to your reputation.
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