Wait time management for laboratories and diagnostic testing centers.

Bring Clockwise.MD to the enterprise with online scheduling and wait time management for laboratory clinics and diagnostic testing centers. Manage online, call center, and referral-based appointment scheduling, load balance patients throughout the course of the day, and positively impact patient satisfaction.

Online & referral scheduling
Throughput optimization
Proactive service recovery
Wait time transparency
Patient load balancing
Performance benchmarks
Manage online, call center, & referral-based scheduling.
Catering to a mixed environment of pre-scheduled and walk-in patients can be challenging. Clockwise.MD supports call center, online, and referral-based scheduling, so that every type of patient gets the most appropriate care needed.
Communicate with patients in real time.
With automated SMS text messaging and email communications, it's easy to keep patients up-to-date on the status of their appointment. Trigger text alerts based on delays or time intervals so that patients know exactly when to show up for their appointments.
Be proactive about service recovery.
Get instant feedback from patients via short text message surveys sent after discharge. Real-time notifications of negative feedback make it easy to reach out before any damage can be done to your reputation.
Balance patient volume throughout the day.
Flexible scheduling and transparency into wait times make it possible to balance patient volume between peak and non-peak operating hours. Cut down on long waits, avoid bottlenecks, and prevent network leakage with proactive appointment scheduling.
Provide transparency into the waiting process.
91% of patients indicate that waiting longer than expected is the most frustrating thing about medical facilities. Prevent patients from leaving in frustration with real-time wait time projections. Text message notifications and an in-lobby TV keep patients up to date on wait times and queue order.
Monitor performance.
Get detailed benchmarks on patient wait times, patient satisfaction scores, throughput, wait times by day, ROI, and more. Use metrics to better understand where patients are spending their time, make informed staffing decisions, and identify areas of improvement.
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