Easy online scheduling for primary and specialty care clinics.

Even without the complication of walk-in patients, primary and specialty care clinics are still susceptible to unforeseen circumstances that can upset a day's workflow. Managing patient expectations is key to acquiring and retaining patients, and Clockwise.MD can help. By providing intuitive online appointment scheduling, transparency into wait times, and actionable data on clinic performance, Clockwise.MD helps you turn web visitors into new patients, and new patients into returning patients.

Online self-scheduling
Throughput optimization
Performance benchmarks
Wait time transparency
Resource management
Patient surveys
Turn web visitors into new patients.
Improve administrative operations and appointment-taking by allowing patients to self-schedule appointments online. Patients will receive a text message notification when it's time to check in, giving them the option to wait from home, the office, or even a nearby coffee shop.
Provide transparency into wait times.
91% of patients indicate that waiting longer than expected is the most frustrating thing about medical facilities. Prevent patients from leaving in frustration by providing transparency into wait times. Text message notifications and an in-lobby TV keep patients up to date on wait times and queue order (in a HIPAA- compliant format).
Optimize patient throughput.
Optimize throughput based on insights from Clockwise.MD. See where bottlenecks are occurring, make informed staffing decisions, and better understand where patients are spending their time. Get detailed benchmarks on patient wait times, wait times by day and hour, staff effectiveness, ROI, and more.
Reduce no-shows and cancellations.
Allow patients to choose the most convenient appointment time and provider for their schedule, then proactively communicate with them on the status of their reservation, including any delays that may impact their wait time. Offering a patient-centric workflow can help prevent revenue loss resulting from unfilled and cancelled appointments.
Actively engage your patient community.
Build relationships with your patients before, during, and after their visit. Proactively communicate via text messages, stay on top of customer service issues, measure patient satisfaction using simple post-visit surveys, and expedite remediation if patient expectations are not met.
Turn new patients into returning patients.
Increase the number of new patients that become returning patients by proactively scheduling follow-ups upon discharge. Optimize the patient experience based on clinic performance, improve your online brand by routing positive feedback to online review sites, and mitigate negative experiences before any damage can be done to your reputation.
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